Northwest Horticulture is a national leader in plug production of groundcovers, roses and perennials. See what makes our company so special!

Northwest Horticulture has two locations covering 500 acres. Our Mount Vernon location is approximately 50 miles north of Seattle and offers a marine climate with cool summers and mild winters. Our eastern farm is located in a high light area with hot dry summers and cold winters, ideal for perennial stock, roses and propagation.

Northwest Horticulture's product programs include:

  • Hundreds of groundcover varieties
  • Perennial plugs in eight cell tray sizes
  • 24 cell ornamental grasses
  • 72 cell virus free Hostas, grown from tissue culture
  • Knock Out®, Drift® and Tauntau® Roses offered as 58 and 36 cell plugs as well as 4" liners and bareroot plants.

Our goal is to provide the right plant in the right size when you need it. For us the right size can be defined as the least amount of labor a grower needs to finish the quart, gallon or larger pot. This requires pinching and acclimatizing the plugs to make it possible for the grower to go directly to the field and finish without additional pinching or maintenance.

Our focus is to help growers succeed through solutions that fit and anticipate their expanding needs. Northwest Horticulture's consistent commitment to quality and customer service ensures we are ready with extensive product lines, flexible shipping methods and dedicated support channels. Over 90% of our plug shipments are made by temperature controlled trucks. Our pallet shippers make it possible for plugs to travel coast to coast.

We are continuously looking for new plants and better methods of producing them.

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